Use & Modify is a personal selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces. Open source licences make them free to use and modify. This selection is the result of deep search and crushes. This selection is yours.


Provide a contemporary set of fonts distributed under libre or open source licences, hand-picked by a typography and free culture lover.

Make your own font index

This project is based on ofont, an open source font index CMS,  always looking for collaborators. Build with Processwire.

Submit a font

Submit your font for review or by email. It can be accepted only if it is distributed under any libre / open source licence, in other words free to use, modify and redistribute.

Libre foundries

Looking for more libre fonts? Check out this list of libre foundries.


A project initiated by Raphaël Bastide.
Contact me by email.